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Gregorian Chant is a mystical form of music, which penetrates the deepest recesses of the soul. It opens the human heart to a profound awareness of the transcendent glory of God, allowing the listener to experience His eternal Serenity and Peace. Indeed, Gregorian Chant is an inspired form of music, which draws the soul into the depths of contemplation…

The heavenly melodies of Chant are so far beyond human ingenuity that they can only be attributed to divine inspiration. At times, the listener will hear the soaring and eternal quality of Gregorian Chant and experience the sweet love flowing from the Heart of God.

"We wish to share with you the fruit of our contemplative life. The Gregorian Chants included on our new CD, The Mystical Chants of Carmel, are our favorites in honor of the Mother of God which we have chosen from our daily chant repetoire. All the proceeds from the purchase of this CD will help us build a new monastery for all the young men who are joining us. We will also build a Gothic Church for God where our chanting will echo to heaven! Each CD has been digitally mastered in surround sound to help enhance the contemplative experience."

- Fr. Daniel Mary, M. Carm. Mystical Chants of Carmel >>>

The monk's chant cd Mystical Chants of Carmel comprises 14 chants in honor of the Mother of God. It is one of the best recordings of chant on CD.
Mystical Chants CD Preview

1.  Audi Filia
2.  Recordare
3.  Gaudens Gaudebo
4.  Beatam Me Dicent
5.  Sancta et Immaculata
6.  Signum Magnum
7.  Ave Maria
8.  Nihil Inquinatum
9.  Stabat Mater
10.  Flos Carmeli
11.  Gaudeamus
12.  Ave Maria… Virgo Serena
13.  Salve Regina
14.  Ave Maris Stella
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